Operation Lifesaver Mississippi


Mississippi Operation Lifesaver
P.O. Box 1850
Jackson, MS 39215-1850

Phone: (601) 359-7539

Email: ksloan@msoperationlifesaver.org

About Operation Lifesaver Mississippi

Mississippi Operation Lifesaver (MSOL) is a nonprofit public safety education organization committed to eliminating the number of incidents at highway-rail grade crossings and trespassing on railroad rights-of-way.


To accomplish its mission, MSOL endorses the mission of Operation Lifesaver, Inc. and promotes the 3 Es of safety:

  1. Education:Operation Lifesaver strives to increase public awareness about the dangers around the rails. The program seeks to educate both drivers and pedestrians to make safe decisions at crossings and around railroad tracks.
  2. Engineering:Engineering is responsible for keeping crossings as safe as possible and making improvements where needed. Operation Lifesaver encourages continued engineering research and innovation to improve the safety of railroad crossings.
  3. Enforcement:Operation Lifesaver promotes active enforcement of traffic laws relating to crossing signs and signals and private property laws related to trespassing.

MSOL became a part of the national organization in 1975, and has been working toward eliminating highway-rail grade crossing and trespassing incidents in Mississippi for more than three decades. This is accomplished by our volunteer Certified Presenters who educate the public by giving age and group appropriate presentations at no cost. Some of the groups that we regularly give presentations to are schools, district transportation personnel, professional drivers, law enforcement, emergency response personnel, civic clubs and church groups. All Operation Lifesaver presentations are supported by visual materials, age-appropriate videos, and brochures.

To schedule a presentation or for more information please contact Kim Sloan at ksloan@msoperationlifesaver.org